Food Safety

Food Safety

At GoFresh, food safety is an ongoing commitment and not a trend. Our highly qualified professionals manage the entire food safety supply chain, from growers to distributors to customers.

GoFresh employs a team of Food Safety and Quality Control personnel lead by our Director of Food Safety. Michael Jantschke holds a Master of Science in Food Technology and Science. We employ all of the latest reporting and technology related to the management of produce through the entire supply chain.

The continuous development, implementation, and monitoring of a safe supply chain is key to our comprehensive Food Safety Programs.

  • FoodTrack Alert System (24/7 – 365)
  • FDA Security Guidelines
  • USDA Traceback Guidelines - HACCP
  • Distributors Organizational Security Policy
  • Employee Background Checks
GoFresh Distribution

Our food safety programs

Food Safety Program Components
  • Supplier Food Safety Programs
  • Supplier/Farmer Third Party Audits Select Grower/Shipper Relationships
  • Authorized Supplier List (ASL) Sharing of Food Safety Criteria
  • Food Safety Information
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Less is More
Distributor Food Safety Programs
  • 3rd Party Audits
  • 2nd Party Unannounced Audits
  • Quality Assurance Field & Cooler Teams
  • Bio-security Programs
Recall/Crisis Management Program
  • Crisis & Recall Management Team
  • Comprehensive Recall Crisis Action Plan
Cold Chain Management
  • Products are kept cold at all times
  • Brought to GoFresh in refrigerated trucks
  • Maintained in our facilities in regulated temperature zones
  • Staged & Loaded in a fully enclosed refrigerated dock
  • Delivered to you in refrigerated trucks


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