Center cut, peeled and whole tomatillo isolated on white background.

Tomatillos or Green Tomatoes? That is the question.

I am not sure if you have ever made the same mistake I did by stating that tomatillos and green tomatoes are the same thing. It was a bigger mistake to say this to our Latin market sales support representative at GoFresh. I was taken out to the warehouse and shown the differences between the…

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Holiday Monster Cookies

Bells and trees and stars are just fine for your “average” Christmas cookie, but if you really want to be a monster in the kitchen this season, check out this Holiday Monster Cookie recipe from our friends at the Food Network.   You’ll be the star of the Christmas party and you’ll never look at…

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Transition: Salinas to Yuma (FALL)

Since GoFresh began building customers over 70 years ago, its mission has always been to take outstanding care of those customers and do whatever it takes to help make them and their businesses successful. A lot has changed in 70 years but their commitment to their customers has not and one of the greatest tools…

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GoFresh – Pro*Act Partnership

At some point growing up, you realize there are things bigger than yourself. When you gain that knowledge that you can help more people being a part of a group than you could as an individual, you then begin to make decisions that genuinely make a difference in the world. In 2007, GoFresh took a…

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Avocado Cartel

Mexican Avocado availability will be touch & go for the balance of August and most likely through September for the following reasons outlined below. Rumors are circulating that the drug cartel in Mexico is controlling avocado prices. Most likely it has very little to do with the drug cartel; however, they do eat a lot…

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