Swiss Chard, A Nutritious Rainbow

Mangold or Swiss chard 'Rainbow' leaves isolated on white

“Deja vu! I’ve done this before!” This was my reaction when I went looking for pictures of Swiss Chard. Is this Rhubarb? Nope, but I can see how it could be mistaken for it. Maybe you have done the same. They both have long stalks and large leaves at the top but Swiss Chard has…

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WEATHER UPDATE A couple of moderate cold fronts move into Central California mid-week with rain winds and cooler temperatures into the weekend. Cooler temperatures and strong winds will impact Southern California and The southwestern desert regions into the weekend. A cold front moves across Central Mexico with moderate rain over the next few days with…

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WEATHER UPDATE A strong storm system tapping into subtropical moisture will bring significant precipitation to Central California late Thursday into the weekend. A series of weaker system move into Northern California next week. Warm and dry conditions continue across Mexico and the southwestern desert regions under a weak high pressure. Gusty winds and a slight…

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Rambutans, Not Sweet Gum Balls

rambutan fruits isolated on white background

As a child growing up in southern central United States, I remember riding my bike and walking along the sidewalk just to slip on a sweet gum ball that had fallen from the sweet gum tree. Those spiky balls were not as bad when they were green but once they had turned brown; OH MY…

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WEATHER UPDATE High pressure builds out west with substantial warming into next week. Marine layer returns to coastal fields early next week as the storm track remains to the north. Southwestern desert regions warm under high pressure with strong winds into the weekend. Temperatures cool across Central Mexico this week as a cold front moves…

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What a beautiful fan. Nope, it’s Rhubarb.

Bunch of fresh picked organic rhubarb isolated on white background

As a child, probably younger than 8, I remember visiting my great aunt’s house in Utah with my mother. As we were about to leave, I watched my mom take some scissors and cut down a few of the long red stalks with huge leaves on the top that were lining my aunt’s driveway. My…

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WEATHER UPDATE The wet pattern continues out west this week as a final slow moving system rolls through California. This system will bring significant precipitation especially to Southern California into Friday before exiting the region. A final weak system moves into Northern California with light showers possible in the Salinas Valley into the weekend. The…

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Playing with Papayas


How do I know if a papaya is ripe or still green? Are there papayas that are always green on the outside and I just have to wait till they are squishy? How do I ripen a green papaya? Will they ripen in the Fridge? These, and similar questions, have been the topics of discussion…

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WEATHER UPDATE The cool, wet pattern will continue out west through next week as a series of storms systems sweep into California. A cut-off low-pressure system is forecast to form off the Southern California coast early next week. There is a strong flooding concern in the Ventura/Santa Barbra region due to the massive wildfires in…

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A master chef begins cuttin gup a massive Halibut for filets.

Halibut. I had not heard of this type of fish till we were in one of our meetings at GoFresh. One of the salespeople mentioned that it was almost halibut time* and I was intrigued. What is “Halibut Time”? I’ve learned that halibut is only available for a short period once a year. And Oh…

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