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Playing with Papayas


How do I know if a papaya is ripe or still green? Are there papayas that are always green on the outside and I just have to wait till they are squishy? How do I ripen a green papaya? Will they ripen in the Fridge? These, and similar questions, have been the topics of discussion…

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A master chef begins cuttin gup a massive Halibut for filets.

Halibut. I had not heard of this type of fish till we were in one of our meetings at GoFresh. One of the salespeople mentioned that it was almost halibut time* and I was intrigued. What is “Halibut Time”? I’ve learned that halibut is only available for a short period once a year. And Oh…

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Muskmelon? Cantaloupe? Who are you?


Being frugally natured, I like to try and purchase my produce in season because supposedly it is less expensive that way. I went online to remind myself what fruits and vegetables will be coming out in the next few months and stumbled across a lot of produce that I had never heard of before. The…

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“I’m not a vampire. What is a blood orange?”

blood orange

I love grapefruit, especially when it is ruby red and doesn’t need a sprinkle of sugar. So Yummy, I just love it! Recently someone asked me, while I was cutting into my grapefruit, if I was eating a blood orange. I thought to myself, “I’m not a vampire. What is a blood orange?” Michelle at…

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Radicchio is not Ridiculous

red cabbage radiccio isolated on white

Think of the person you know that loves using puns even though most of the time they are not very good, at all. Well, this just happened. “I can speak Spanish.” “Really. I was not aware.” “My arm is ‘a Brussel Sprout-o’” “No. No. The correct word is ‘a brazo’. You’re ridiculous.” “But at least…

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Winter Squash?

Butternut squash isolated on white background

Hello! This is GoFresh. How can I help you today? I would like to order some Winter Squash. Winter Squash… Winter Squash…. What?   Have you ever heard that term? Apparently, it is a common produce term. Now it is not the name of one particularity type of squash but a variety of squashes that…

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Chives, Green Onions, or Scallions, OH MY!

As part of my tasks at GoFresh, I take a lot of orders and get to work with some awesome sales people. Recently one of them called and asked me to check on the inventory for Scallions. Maybe you can relate… “Scallions? Do you mean Shallots?” “No, not Shallots, Scallions.” “Are those like Scallops?” “No.…

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Tomatillos or Green Tomatoes? That is the question.

Center cut, peeled and whole tomatillo isolated on white background.

I am not sure if you have ever made the same mistake I did by stating that tomatillos and green tomatoes are the same thing. It was a bigger mistake to say this to our Latin market sales support representative at GoFresh. I was taken out to the warehouse and shown the differences between the…

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