Gooseberry? Who ever heard of a Gooseberry?

Red and green European Gooseberries (Ribes grossularia). Clipping paths, shadow separated, infinite depth of field. Design element

At GoFresh, we can get all sorts of interesting produce from all around the world. Most recently the happy surprise was Gooseberries. I remember hearing about gooseberries, maybe from a childhood storybook, but I did not realize that they were real. They sound like something from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to me. “Gooseberries,…

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WEATHER UPDATE A series of moisture starved cold fronts move thru California into next week with cooler temperatures and strong winds. A cut off low forming off the Southern California coast will bring isolated scattered showers from Central California into Southwestern deserts and Northern Mexico late this week. Dry and warming conditions continue across Central…

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The 411 on the Banana 911

Over the past few weeks, the banana growing region has experienced some pretty severe weather pattern shifts. The cold fronts that we were experiencing have also affected Guatemala, Honduras, and the Mexico growing areas. Temperatures have been consistently 10F degrees lower than normal causing slowed growth, production, and harvest yields. Flooding in Costa Rica has…

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Radicchio is not Ridiculous

red cabbage radiccio isolated on white

Think of the person you know that loves using puns even though most of the time they are not very good, at all. Well, this just happened. “I can speak Spanish.” “Really. I was not aware.” “My arm is ‘a Brussel Sprout-o’” “No. No. The correct word is ‘a brazo’. You’re ridiculous.” “But at least…

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Market Report – February 7, 2018

Weather Update A strong high pressure system out west continues to deflect storm systems to the north with temperatures will above seasonal averages. A couple of dry cold fronts move through California late this week into the weekend. This will bring a slight cool down along with some strong gusty winds to Southern California and…

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Winter Squash?

Butternut squash isolated on white background

Hello! This is GoFresh. How can I help you today? I would like to order some Winter Squash. Winter Squash… Winter Squash…. What?   Have you ever heard that term? Apparently, it is a common produce term. Now it is not the name of one particularity type of squash but a variety of squashes that…

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Chives, Green Onions, or Scallions, OH MY!

As part of my tasks at GoFresh, I take a lot of orders and get to work with some awesome sales people. Recently one of them called and asked me to check on the inventory for Scallions. Maybe you can relate… “Scallions? Do you mean Shallots?” “No, not Shallots, Scallions.” “Are those like Scallops?” “No.…

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Tomatillos or Green Tomatoes? That is the question.

Center cut, peeled and whole tomatillo isolated on white background.

I am not sure if you have ever made the same mistake I did by stating that tomatillos and green tomatoes are the same thing. It was a bigger mistake to say this to our Latin market sales support representative at GoFresh. I was taken out to the warehouse and shown the differences between the…

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GoFresh Talks – Cafe do Brasil (part 3)

This week we visited Chef Ana Davis again at Cafe do Brasil in Oklahoma City to learn more about their rooftop bar called the Bossa Nova. The new Bossa Nova Caipirinha Lounge is the home of specialty caipirinhas! While it still maintains the exciting feel of the original Bossa Nova,  the new Caipirinha Lounge offers more seating, more appetizer…

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GoFresh Talks – Cafe Do Brasil

This week we visited Chef Ana Davis again at Cafe do Brasil in Oklahoma City. Cafe do Brasil offers fine cuisine from 5 Brazilian regions in a colorful venue, plus a rooftop bar and event center. We talked with Chef Ana to learn more about not just their restaurant that’s upstairs but their event center which caters to parties, weddings or meetings. Check out our interview…

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