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At a time when business relationships seem to be limited by social media engagement, all of us here at GoFresh are committed to making our relationships much more personal. Unless you’re on a reality dating show, getting to know your partner is important and we want you to know us just like we want to know you. Today we’ll take a peek behind the scenes and give you a chance to get to know us a little better.

From the outside, GoFresh looks like a normal business – buildings, trucks, staff and products. But on the inside, there’s a family (literally) that makes the personal connection with their customers their top priority.

Russ Hickson, Business Development Manager, says “it’s about TIME and TRUST and trust is of the upmost importance.”

For the customers that work with GoFresh, their needs are pretty straight forward, fresh produce, bread, eggs, dairy and seafood. But developing a truly successful relationship goes beyond simply fulfilling their needs, it’s about anticipating their needs and being there when things are less than straight forward. “I’m always here to help our customers with their problems and to help them grow.” says Hickson and this kind of customer service creates trust.

This elevated care also takes time, and time is exactly what GoFresh commits to its customers because that’s also how trust is developed. Sharon Gay in Sales Support is one of the people who make up the team available 24/7 to their customers, helping them in any way possible. “Our customers have a place to go for help anytime of day or night.” and that’s key because in the food industry, problems don’t wait until 8am to pop up, they can happen at anytime and GoFresh is there.

Being a part of a 4th generation business, doesn’t come without its challenges but like your parents always told you, “good comes from hard work”. Hard work and a commitment to serving their customers is the mission of GoFresh and building solid, life-long relationships is the bedrock for their success. Hickson likes to say “Business is a marathon, not a sprint” and he’s right. but don’t ever think that marathon runners aren’t quick on their feet too.

Would you like to see how quickly GoFresh can help fulfill your needs? Give them a call and see what customer service really looks like. Call 1.800.725-1151 or go to to send a message.

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