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Farm Fresh Products

Learn About Our Fresh Products

Everyone expects to get fresh produce on a regular basis. What if you could get all of the products you need on a regular basis in one load? While we've been known for our fresh produce for over three generations, we've added more fresh products to better serve our customers.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruit is crucial for all foodservice businesses. For this reason, GoFresh is committed to providing the highest-quality, fresh fruits with a large variety of options as well as custom cuts to improve your food prep times. We work closely with local farmers to ensure your fruit products remain fresh as long as possible. Take advantage of our large variety of available fruits, including specialty and seasonal produce sources.

Local Dairy & Eggs

GoFresh offers a wide variety of local dairy products including local milk and creamer, butter and local eggs to ensure you receive the freshest product available. Plus, we can offer you a great selection of cheeses from local vendors such as My Cheese Factory and Lovera's Market with our wide range of available dairy products. No matter what your specific dairy needs are, we can fulfill them on a regular basis to limit spoilage and waste that you may currently face.

Fresh Vegetables

We are able to provide our customers with unmatched capabilities when it comes to fresh vegetables.  GoFresh works with local and regional farmers to provide fresh vegetable products to all customer locations, as well as seasonal vegetables or specialty vegetables that you may be looking for.  Our vegetables can be conveniently delivered within your designated delivery window with your other fresh product orders.

Fresh Seafood

Although we have been known for our fresh produce for over 75 years, GoFresh is about offering the best fresh experience for our customers. That’s why we started expanding our fresh products to include fresh seafood. If you offer seafood on your menu, we can help fulfill your product needs with freshly caught seafood that your customers will love.

Fresh Baked Bread

At GoFresh, our fresh baked bread is never frozen then thawed or baked multiple states away and tucked into a freezer at a staging center. We are committed to ensuring that the bread you receive is still in it's prime and the retained quality can continue to be passed down to your customers. If you are struggling to provide fresh bread and have high spoilage rates, we can help!

GoFresh Gourmet

GoFresh Gourmet is committed to providing fresh gourmet products such as spices that are premium "ordered just-in-time" for maximum freshness, peak oil content and intense flavor profile as well as handmade style gourmet ravioli and pasta that will give our customers a competitive edge. Our products are competitively priced with big-box wholesalers and well below most food distributors. Let the gourmet products from GoFresh guide your food to the next level.

Ready for a Fresh new experience?

Reach out to us and tell us about your fresh food needs. We can start delivering quality service right away!

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