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Freshly Baked Bread

Can you tell the difference between freshly baked bread & day old bread? Your customers can.

What if you could order the exact amount of freshly baked bread that you need when you need it delivered? More often than not, you likely have to order a whole pallet of bread that has already started going stale before it even arrives. Don't freeze your bread to keep it from losing quality anymore when you can have fresh bread whenever it's needed from GoFresh.

At GoFresh, our fresh baked bread is never frozen then thawed or baked multiple states away and tucked into a freezer at a staging center. We are committed to ensuring that the bread you receive is still in it's prime and the retained quality can continue to be passed down to your customers. If you are struggling to provide fresh bread and have high spoilage rates, we can help!

GoFresh provides freshly baked bread that can be delivered with your fresh product order to ensure you only have the bread you need for the day to limit the need for alternative short-term or long-term storage methods. Not only will this benefit your company, your customers will enjoy the difference that real fresh bread makes in your menu items as well. No matter what your specific bread needs are, GoFresh is ready to fulfill them an provide freshly baked bread whenever you need it.

You can get fresh bread delivered within 3 days along with your other fresh produce orders and they are conveniently delivered daily. When you are ready to place your fresh bread order you will need to contact your Sales Representative or Sales Support by phone with your full order.

GoFresh Benefits

  • Fresh Baked Bread that is Made to Order just for you
  • Our Bread is Never Frozen or Thawed
  • No Need to Stock up on Bread. Get Bread Delivered Regularly when you need it
  • Our Bread can be Delivered within 3 Days or Less of Order

We have been serving our customers for over 75 years. With three distribution centers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock we can provide fresh food and supplies on a regular basis to Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest/Central Arkansas.

Bread Quality

You can always count on GoFresh to source, care for, and deliver the absolute best quality products. At GoFresh, quality is never sacrificed and always put first!

Quality Produce Service

We use technology, automation, responsible practices, good old fashioned common sense and hard work to deliver a stellar customer service experience.

Bread Variety

If you need it, it’s likely GoFresh has it. We have nationwide as well as regional and local vendors. Ask a GoFresh representative for a list of available products.

Ready for a Fresh new experience?

Reach out to us and tell us about your fresh food needs. We can start delivering quality service right away!

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