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Food On The Move

When you think about fresh food – produce, bread, eggs, dairy and seafood, the obvious thing that comes to mind is eating, and all the wonderful meals that can be savored with these ingredients. We’re no different here at GoFresh. We love food as much as you (especially the eating part), but one of really special things that we love almost as much as the food we deliver is the relationships that have been cultivated along the way.

In the most the universal way, we all share a love for good food prepared with love and crafted into something that is greater than it’s parts.

Food brings us together.

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond simply providing you fresh food, because we know your goal is much more than making great meals – it’s about bringing people together and creating an experience for them.

And it’s in those experiences and memories that bonds are formed, friendships are made and communities unite.

As funny as that may sound, food is THAT powerful and it all starts with good food.

The relationships with our chefs and restaurants is what drives us. It pushes us towards better service, providing better products and creating a better experience for YOU.

We want to make sure KNOW how important you are to us so we’ve created this channel to offer insight and information, content and communication that will help you do what you do even better.

We have some big things in store and we want you to be a part it.

Got some great local news you want to share, let us know and we’ll share it. Got an unforgettable recipe for your great-grandmother’s marinara sauce you’d like to share (oh please, say yes), give us a shout and we’ll not only come by and shoot you making the recipe, we’ll even help you eat it! It’s like having your very own food channel.

And along this new expanded journey of ours, we’ll also be keeping you up to date on everything here at GoFresh. From new products to current production, we want you to be as close to the process as possible. That’s how you treat family, isn’t it? OK, maybe not everyone’s family, but you’re like our favorite cousins and we’re here for you.

Thanks for being a part of our family and we look forward to hooking up soon!

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