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GoFresh Sister Company Lloyd’s Cuts Joins MIO

Made in Oklahoma

As part of the GoFresh commitment to enhancing access to fresh-cut product in Oklahoma, our sister company Lloyd’s Cuts is now a member of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition. Through this partnership, we hope to enhance the availability of fresh-cut produce Oklahoma has access to and continue to improve the product quality the foodservice industry is able to provide.

Lloyd’s Cuts was created in 2017 to fulfill the growing demand for convenient, value-added fresh-cut produce. By specializing in custom cut, on-demand and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, we are able to provide the quality expected from cutting your own produce while providing added convenience. This commitment to providing the best fresh-cut produce possible has made Lloyd’s Cuts increasingly popular among the foodservice industry in the Midwest.

As a new member of the Made In Oklahoma Coalition, Lloyd’s Cuts joins over 60 other members in enhancing the exposure Oklahoma-based businesses receive through joint marketing and tactics to increase exposure. To achieve this, members of MIO match public dollars with private funds to create a variety of marketing materials including retail advertisements, billboards, radio commercials and a variety of other marketing materials. By pursuing this route, Lloyd’s Cuts can help in the process of increasing sales, maintaining business retention and expanding Oklahoma’s food processing sector.

As the demand for fresh-cut and affordable produce continues to grow, Lloyd’s Cuts will continue to strive to meet the need with locally sourced produce. This not only enhances the shelf life of products but also ensures consistent quality that can’t be matched by national providers. For more information about Lloyd’s Cuts and the products they provide, you are encouraged to visit their official website or learn more information about MIO at their official website.

Why GoFresh?

GoFresh is committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality fruits and
vegetables available. By utilizing cold-chain processes and providing date
indications for successful rotation, you can rest easy knowing we have your safety in mind. If you are looking for a reliable foodservice distribution company to fulfill your fresh produce needs, GoFresh is here to help. If you are ready to get started, contact us or call us at (800) 725-1151 today!

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