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GoFresh – Special Ordering

GoFresh Ordering Schedule

In addition to local, fresh produce, many of our customers want to offer unique, different and special items in order to help stand out from their competitors. Others are asking for custom processed items like chopped, cut or shredded produce to save labor and increase consistency. For a chef, acquiring these items takes a lot of time, has special shipping and storage challenges, and can get pretty expensive to acquire. To make sure your specialty product and food programs work, GoFresh does all the heavy lifting and consolidates ordering to leverage our purchasing power to keep prices as reasonable as possible.

While we do make it much easier and more economical, most specialty items require a little bit more notice. Many of the products that we procure for our customers come from all over the U.S. within a few days which is a miracle on its own, and some products require just a little more time than a one day notice.

Hopefully, this cheat sheet will help you understand our ordering schedule for your specialty products. This includes specialty products from Harvets Sensations, Fresh Seafood from Seattle Fish Co, Fresh Bread from Harris Baking Co, Herbs from Eureka, Dairy from Dairy Pure, Cheeses, Mushrooms, and more!

If there are additional specialty or unique items you’d like to get your hands on, especially for the holidays coming, please let us know and we’ll get to work for you. For more information and clarification on how orders are placed for speciality products please email for more information.


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