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Community – Greener Fields Together

Greener Fields Together - Cultivating Change

When you’re shopping for quality, you look for a seal of approval. Something that says, this brand can be trusted.

Greener Fields Together is a special seal of approval that says, you can TRUST this business, but it also says much more.

When you see this logo, you know this business stands for CARE, QUALITY and CONSIDERATION.

  • Care – For the local farmer and distributor so they can do what they do best and pass that same attention along to their customers.
  • Quality – The freshest possible product and value because it’s coming from the closest possible source.
  • Consideration – Understanding that the land belongs to all of us and if we take care of it, it will take care of us.

This is the mission of Greener Fields Together – providing a channel for local farmers and distributors to deliver outstanding service and value while promoting and encouraging sustainability at every level.

What is sustainability? It’s caring for the land by maintaining a balance that will serve us today and tomorrow – keeping the land that our children play in now thriving so they can work it when they get older. It’s building a legacy.

GoFresh shares these values in every way. Their focus is FRESH, and their passion is LOCAL. But this goes beyond simply serving the community fresh food and produce. It’s also a deep care and consideration for farmers right here where we live. GoFresh takes care of those who live and work providing the freshest, highest quality, locally sourced produce to us.

You may not get the opportunity to see the impact of Greener Fields Together as you sit down for your next meal, but you can be sure that when you see this seal of approval, you’ll taste it.


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