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GoFresh's Impact

Program Overview




Loads Per Week


Million Boxes Delivered


Million Spent with Partners


States Serviced


Million Pounds Purchased

Community Impact

  • Developed Community Partners in 12 states
  • Helped to facilitate drops in rural communities and areas that were under serviced​
  • Donated Equipment, Labor, Processes to local charities
  • Helped develop and implement the process for hosting events and trained our partners before they hosted events​​​
Community Impact

Facility Overview

  • 80,000 Square foot facility​
  • 24/7 around the clock
  • 3 production Lines​
  • Received 130+ inbound trucks per week​​
  • 3 30 yard Recycling Bins filled and picked up daily​
  • 12 Forklifts
  • 4 pallet wrapping machines
  • Gravity Racking for 3 Simultaneous 24/7 Lines​

Boxes Delivered

  • Over 7 Million Boxes Delivered
  • 12 States delivered
  • Periods 1 and 2: 6 different types of Boxes including 3 Produce Boxes, 2 Dairy Boxes, and a Fluid Diary Box
  • Trucks Could be Mixed with different types of boxes as long as they were full pallet quantities​


  • 112 Million Pounds including; Produce, Dairy, Proteins
  • Over 7 Million Cases Bought
  • On the Fly Credit Negotiations with Vendors (begging for credit)​


  • 225+ New Hires in One Week
  • On the fly training and procedures developed for new employees​
  • Expanded HR and Accounting staff to handle increased employee count
  • Additional Food Safety and QC Staff implemented


  • ​Shipped 4000+ loads
  • 1.5M Miles Travelled
  • 150+ Outbound trucks per week at between 1250 to 2200 cases per truck
  • 80+ Trailers​
  • 30+ OTR Drivers
  • Entire Freymiller “Pop-Up” Fleet plus all excess capacity from 2 other Operators
  • Delivered Events in 12 States​


  • How did we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the program? We became the hub for information and events to help control the narrative. ​
  • Social Media Presence 7 days per week advertising our participation and tagging USDA and other Partners
  • This portal gave charities the ability to sign up directly on our website​
Impact using Technology

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