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Market Report

Here is a quick overview of this coming week in the fruit and vegetable markets. You should expect:


Broccoli: Extremely limited supplies for the next two weeks due to a supply gap caused by the previous heat in the Salinas and Santa Maria growing regions. The market is extremely active.

Blackberries: Domestic supplies remain very limited with fair quality.

Blueberries: Domestic supplies are very limited and quality is fair.

Strawberries: Salinas and Watsonville quality is improving, but occasional soft fruit is still being reported.

Caulflower: Extremely limited supplies from previous weather patterns have caused a supply gap. We will see much higher markets for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Oranges: Demand far exceeds supplies.

Cucumbers: Some quality issue are showing in North Carolina.

Eggplant: Some scaring issues in the southeast.

Onions: Transportation very limited

Potatoes: Transportation or lack of trucks is the main issue.


Hopefully, this market information will help you to plan specials, promotions, and make menu adjustments in advance of the rapidly changing produce markets.

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