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MARKET REPORT – August 21st

Groups of Fruits


The roller coaster in temperatures will continue out west as weak low pressure systems move through the region every few days compressing the marine layer and weakening the high pressure ridge. A tropical system off the coast of Mexico looks to stream plenty of moisture across the region into the weekend. Heavy rains and flash flooding are possible across Central Mexico with less rainfall to the north as this system meanders of the coast. A moist easterly flow across Florida will bring typical showers and thunderstorms increasing over the weekend. High pressure strengthens early next week with less moisture and warming temperatures.


California trucks remain steady again this week. Washington apple trucks are adequate as well as Idaho potato trucks. The national average on diesel dropped under 3.00 a gallon and is currently at 2.994 per gallon. California prices also dropped slightly and are currently at $3.887 per gallon. Crude oil remained steady and is currently at $56.59 per barrel.


Apples: Expect gapping on Golden Delicious to continue. Small, low grade Fuji apples are extremely tight. WA Gala apples to start later this week/early next week.

Avocado (California): As California and Peru wrap up their season, we will enter September with a strong market. Mexico becomes the main source of supply.

Avocado (Mexican): The industry will see a strong market for the Month of September.

Citrus (Oranges): Demand exceeds supplies on small sizes oranges 113’s/138’s due to schools being back in session. It is advised to send orders in advance to help allocate and strategize orders.

Onions: Super colossal and colossal yellow onions are limited.

Potatoes: 40 count through 70 count and #2 potatoes are limited. Advanced lead time on russet orders crucial during this time period.

Potatoes (Colored): #2 grade for red potatoes remain limited.


Potatoes: Norkotahs are the main variety in Idaho and other regions. Wisconsin to start next week.

Potatoes (colored): Wisconsin has started up with limited volume. Idaho has begun with light supplies of red; expecting better volume first week of September.

Onions: Idaho/Oregon and Washington are in production with excellent quality. Limited supplies in New Mexico and California as those seasons wind down.

Berries (Raspberries): Raspberry production will begin to increase over the next few weeks out of Mexico

A Peak at Peak Seasons

Berries (Strawberries): Salinas / Watsonville declining in numbers

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