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MARKET REPORT – December 19, 2018

Groups of Fruits


Seasonally warm temperatures across California with gusty winds to the south are expected through the weekend. A Pacific low pressure system moves into the region early next week with rain and winds with a slight chance of rain from this system in Southern California. Dry conditions bring warm afternoons with cold mornings across Mexico into early next week when cooler afternoon temperatures are forecast. A strong storm system moves into Florida late Wednesday moving up the southeast coast with heavy rainfall late this week. high pressure builds behind the system with dry conditions following the storm.


California and Yuma trucks are thinning out as we speak and will be extremely tight thru next week. Washington apple, Idaho potato and onion trucks remain extremely tight and will stay that way until after the first of the year. The national average on diesel remained the same this week and is still at 3.21 per gallon. An increase of .22 from this time last year. California prices dropped slightly and are now at 3.835 per gallon. Crude oil dropped to 47.57 per barrel.


Apples: Granny Smith and Golden Delicious are in a demand exceeds supply situation

Berries (Raspberries): Cooler weather in Mexico could cause lighter supplies in the near future we will keep you posted

Berries (Strawberries): Berries will remain in a demand exceeds supply through next week in all growing areas

Grapes (Green): Green grapes are lighter in supplies. Markets are higher. Domestic quality is fair.

Stone Fruit: Import fruit is available in limited amounts. Markets are high.


Grapes (Green): Import fruit is getting started. Supplies are currently light and markets are high. Better availability is expected after the new year.

Grapes (Red): Import season has just started with light volume. Prices are higher. We expect better suppliers after the first of the year.

Stone Fruit: We expect import fruit production to increase after the first of the year.

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