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Market Report – February 17th

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Weather Update

California – High pressure moving into the area producing clears skies, but onshore winds remain breezy with gusts up to 30 mph thru Tue. Daytime highs will remain near to above average thru mid-week with the 60s to low 70s.

Mexico – Cool temps thru Fri day morning and then seasonal temps by Fri afternoon with above-normal temps to follow on Sat. Morning lows should be seasonal to slightly below. Only a slight chance of some spotty light frost on Friday morning.

Florida – Warm southerly flow increased on Monday and scattered light showers move in ahead of a frontal system developing in the Gulf of Mexico. This low will produce moderate showers by the evening for south and central FL, with slightly heavier rainfall possible in the far northern counties.

Arizona – A low pressure over northern Florida produces isolated light showers Wednesday and Thursday followed by heavier showers Friday through Saturday.

Freight Update

Trucks have tightened up in all areas due to road closures across the US. The national average is up again this week and is now at 2.876 per gallon.

Things You Should Know

Apples: Small Grannys and Galas, Large Reds and Large Golds are tight. Deals available on 12/3# bags and small reds.

Asparagus: The asparagus market out west continues to be aggressive with ample supplies coming out of Caborca Mexico. Look for the market to stay steady going into next week.

Avocados: Mexican avocado markets continue to climb and, demand is lighter at these higher prices. Size 48’s are in very high demand followed by 60’s. Mexican growers are seeing a decrease in #1 grade fruit and an increase in #2 grade fruit. Mexican growers are also demanding more money for their fruit. We anticipate markets will remain strong with the upcoming holidays (Holy Week & Benito Juarez Day), very light harvest activity during holidays in Mexico. Weather in Texas adding to an already active market causing delays on crossings from Mexico into the US. With little to no fruit crossing and trucks tightening up, the next few weeks will be challenging. Open market fruit is going at a premium and very limited.

Bell Peppers: Good supplies and quality on the green bell, red bell, and yellow bells.

Berries (Blackberries): All mixed berries are in short supply due to logistical and weather issues.

Berries (Blueberries): All mixed berries are in short supply due to logistical and weather issues.

Berries (Raspberries): All mixed berries are in short supply due to logistical and weather issues.

Berries (Strawberries): Strawberries remain in short supply even after Valentine’s Day pull has subsided. Cooler temperatures in all growing areas are causing lighter numbers to be harvested.

Broccoli: The broccoli market continues to be aggressive as suppliers are abundant out of Yuma, Santa Maria, and Mexico. Look for this market to continue being aggressive going into the weekend.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels Sprout supplies continue to improve and the market is slowly softening as we head into the weekend.

Carrots: We are in a demand exceeds supply on snack packs, supplies are still snug. Markets remain stable and supplies are steady on cellos and jumbos. Supplies out of Georgia are limited due to the recent rain.

Cauliflower: Steady supplies coming out of Santa Maria and Yuma are keeping this market steady.

Celery: This market overall continues to be steady. Supplies continue to be strong out of Oxnard and Santa Maria and these locations are offering the sharpest deals. Yuma has moderate availability on all sizing. The quality continues to be good in all the growing regions, with only slight leafiness being reported.

Citrus (Lemons): Supplies are looking steady on small sizes, quality is looking nice. Lots of opportunities on the load volume. 115’s and larger are still holding firm and active. Please reach out for any advance prices.

Citrus (Limes): The lime market is active with current production wrapping up for the season. We can expect pricing to climb and change daily. Supplies will be limited in February until the new crop starts. We need orders in advance and flexibility to sub around on sizes for better coverage.

Citrus (Oranges): We’re seeing good supplies this week. Small size market is holding firm. Quality is looking great! Reach out for any advance prices.

Cucumbers: Slightly higher markets on cucumbers with new fields just starting- should be back into great supplies by next week.

Eggplant: Steady supplies and good quality on eggplant. Some opportunity buys on offsize / off shape.

Garlic: Steady supplies continue to keep this market level.

Grapes (Green): Greens are demand exceeds due to rain damage in the growing districts and delays at the ports.

Grapes (Red): Red market higher due to tight green supply, rain damage, and delays at the ports.

Green Onions: Supplies have improved out of Mexico as demand has come off. Watch for this market to continue adjusting lower as we head into the weekend.

Kale: Supplies continue to stay steady keeping this market steady.

Lettuce (Iceberg): This market is flat, overall. Poor weather in Texas as well as the midwest and east coast has slowed down demand tremendously. Yuma weather is ideal and is bringing production on rapidly. The quality from most suppliers are reporting liner at 41-44 pounds and aside from some discoloration on outer leaves as well as some slight pinking, the quality is above average. Promote as much as possible as suppliers are flexing for volume-type orders. All offers are being listened to.

Lettuce Leaf: Romaine as well as green and red leaf will have steady supplies all week. Expect good availability of romaine hearts as well. Like lettuce, this market is flat on leaf items. Shippers are flexing. Supplies are expected to be moderate to good for the entire week. Aside from some fringe and tip burn the overall quality is above average. Weights on romaine are averaging 34-38 pounds, while the green and red leaf has weights of 20-22 pounds. Most shippers are flexing.

Lettuce Tender Leaf: Steady supplies continue this week. Markets to stay steady going into the weekend.

Melons (Cantaloupe): Demand is good, markets slightly lower but still on the stronger side. Demand for J9’s/9’s is very good and lighter on 12’s and 15’s. Plenty of options in Florida on cantaloupes. On the west coast, we are seeing a stronger market with limited availability. Strong retail ads on the front part of March. Look for the market to strengthen at the end of February

Melons (Honeydew): Demand remains light and markets are slightly lower. Plenty of fruit out east as well as the west. Quality is good and brix levels continue to peak at 10% or better.

Melons (Watermelon): Markets are about steady with demand on the lighter side. Weather across the US has definitely slowed demand for Mexican melons as well as offshore. Quality is good and will continue to improve into the spring. Plenty of opportunities to move some volume.

Onions: Supplies of new crop Mexican onions are ramping up. Cold weather in Texas has affected new crop harvest dates; too early to tell the extent of the damage. The Northwest crop has an excellent supply of good quality onions. The market is expected to firm until CA and NM begin in May.

Pears: Good supplies of Anjou and Bosc. Smaller lower-grade pears remain tight.

Pineapples: Valentine’s demand has concluded, but we’re looking good out of both coasts. Current the markets are stable and quality is looking nice. Please reach out if you need any advance prices for any ads or lids.

Potatoes: Potato Lover’s month has ended. The carton market is weak. Bales remain strong from USDA box business. Expect the market to begin a gradual climb in early March.

Squash: – Soft markets on zucchini but some strength in yellow squash for next 10 days due to some fields ending and new ones just starting. Overall good quality

Stone Fruit: Good supplies on the east coast. Market lower due to decreased demand associated with severe winter storms.

Tomatoes: Demand is light and the market has bottomed out. Mexico is in full swing production with great weather but Florida has had some nights with cold temperatures that will lessen yields in mid-March. Quality is good and pricing is steady more than likely through the remainder of this month.

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