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Market Report – January 28th

varieties of vegetables

Weather Update

California – A very slow moving low pressure system arrives today with light to moderate rainfall. The system picks up speed on Thursday and will bring bands of moderate to heavy rain through Friday.

Mexico – After the rain and hail yesterday, weather looks to be dry going into the weekend.

Florida – A weakening frontal band sweeps northern Florida producing light showers. Cooler northwesterly winds arrive Thursday and Friday bringing the morning lows down to the 30s and 40s by Friday.

Arizona – Widespread moderate-heavy to severe lettuce ice along unseasonably cool temps this week. Brief warming on Thursday ahead of another low pressure system that will bring a chance of rain on Friday.

Freight Update

Trucks remain steady in the Northwest, Idaho, and California. The national average increased slightly and is currently at 2.716 per gallon.

Things You Should Know

Apples: Small Grannys and Galas, Large Reds and Large Golds are tight. Market steady.

Asparagus: Steady supplies out of Mexico as of recently. Watching market closely as hail and rain swept through the Caborca area yesterday.

Avocados: Markets are steady and demand is good. Strong retail ads in play for the big game. Peaking on 48s and larger with plenty of opportunity to move some volume.

Bell Peppers: Cooler weather is finally past and we are seeing better supplies on green, red and yellow bell peppers. Market will start to soften as more supplies come in.

Berries (Blackberries): Cooler weather has caused shorter supplies to be available look for the market to remain slightly higher for the next 2 weeks.

Berries (Blueberries): Blueberries being imported in from both Mexico and Peru are still being plagued with continued delays the market will remain firm through the Valentines day pull.

Berries (Raspberries): Cooler weather has caused shorter supplies to be available look for the market to remain slightly higher for the next 2 weeks.

Berries (Strawberries): Rains and cooler weather in several growing regions has caused a shortage in volume. Look for this trend to remain this way through the Valentines day pull.

Broccoli: Plenty of supplies in Santa Maria and Yuma. Market should continue to be aggressive going into the weekend.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels Sprout supplies are gradually improving and the market is softening as we head into the weekend.

Carrots: We are in a demand exceeds supply on snack packs, supplies being are very tight. Markets remain stable and supplies are steady on cellos, and jumbos. We have light supplies out of Georgia as well if you have any interest.

Cauliflower: Plenty of supplies in the pipeline. Santa Maria and Yuma are both in good shape with aggressive pricing being offered.

Celery: Demand has fallen off with this commodity due to high pricing these past weeks. Supplies are better. Value added product like celery sticks will still be on the light side of availability due to the shortage of long stock celery, used in the processing end. Better supplies of 30-36 count cartons will be available with multiple shippers. Overall demand has fallen, but availability will be moderate to light at best. Large sizing, twenty-four counts in particular will be tight all week.

Citrus (Lemons): Supplies are looking steady on small sizes. Quality is looking nice. 140’s and smaller markets are steady, and 115’s and larger are still holding firm and active. Please reach out for any advance prices.

Citrus (Limes): The lime market is active and firm on prices due to rain in the growing regions. We can expect lower supplies in February. We need orders in advance for better coverage.

Citrus (Oranges): Rain the growing regions in California are putting suppliers in a tight position on inventory. Please place orders in advance for better coverage.

Cucumbers: Steady supplies across sizes and packs and quality has been very good.

Eggplant: With Sonora done, and Sinaloa just starting, supplies are light. We expect this for the next 10-14 days until production ramps up.

Garlic: Steady supplies are keeping this market level.

Grapes (Green): Market steady with supplies on both coasts. Supplies on the East coast continue to be much better than out West.

Grapes (Red): Market steady with supplies on both coasts. Supplies on the East coast continue to be much better than out West.

Green Onions: Supplies out of Mexico continue to be on the tighter side due to cold and rainy weather. Watch for this market to stay strong going into the weekend.

Kale: Supplies continue to stay steady keeping this market steady.

Lettuce (Iceberg): Moderate to good supplies are expected throughout the week on this commodity. Common defects being reported are outer leaf damage due to colder temps as well as discoloration and misshapen heads. The defects will be minimal, and overall the quality will be good. The weights are averaging 40-46 pounds on liner product. Pricing should be very competitive industry-wide.

Lettuce Leaf: Demand is picking up on romaine, as well as all leaf items. Romaine hearts are steady. Temperatures in the desert are going to be cool the entire week with a chance of light rain on Monday. Suppliers are announcing that some blister and peel as well as fringe burn is seen on the outer leaves. Suppliers are cleaning up much of these defects in the field when harvesting. Expect steady supplies for the week with most shippers.

Lettuce Tender Leaf: Steady supplies have been the story as of recently. Rains in Yuma the last few days may slow down harvest and yields this week.

Melons (Cantaloupe): Demand is good but has tapered off slightly. However markets remain strong for both east and west coast. Peaking on larger sized fruit limiting smeller sizes. Quality is fair with occasional surface mold and soft spots. Markets to remain strong through February. Current USDA Daily Movement Report indicates cantaloupes are down 35% year over year.

Melons (Honeydew): Demand is good and markets are strong. Quality has improved on offshore arrivals. Mexico helping supply the west coast while offshore keeping the east supplied. Current USDA Daily Movement Report indicates honeydews are up 2% year over year.

Melons (Watermelon): Demand is good and markets are steady on Mexican arrivals. Good availability on cartons as well as mini seedless. On offshore arrivals from Central America we are seeing a slightly stronger market. Quality is good and brix is 10% or better.

Onions: Onions are steady from all regions. The Northwest is still shipping out of storage. Quality is excellent. Deals available on large sized yellow onions in Idaho. Expect mediums and 3# bags to tighten up with new USDA box business.

Pears: Bartletts will be done in 2 to 3 weeks. Market steady on moderate supplies.

Pineapples: Supplies are snug out of both coasts. Demand is strong for Valentines pull, current markets are stable and quality is looking nice. We should see better supplies going into February.

Potatoes: With USDA box business & Idaho Potato Lover’s Month approaching, shippers will be packing smaller potatoes making 40 – 60 CT less available. Quality is excellent, peaking on 70 CT cartons. Burbanks and White Russets are available at a surcharge of the Norkotah market price.

Squash: Now that the cooler weather has passed, production is better on both zucchini and yellow squash. More production on yellow squash than zucchini is lowering the market on yellow squash. We will see zucchini market start to soften as that production catches up.

Stone Fruit: Stone Fruit now available on both coasts.

Tomatoes: Mexico round and roma imports continue to increase sending the market lower, and quality is good. Florida is also coming into better volume but weather in the east has slowed harvest and picking schedules. New crops in both regions have shifted the size profile towards the larger end of the spectrum. Grape and cherry tomatoes are still behind schedule due to a cold snap weeks ago. Supply remains limited and will gradually improve near the beginning of February.

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