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Market Report – January 29th

Groups of Fruits

Weather Update

High pressure builds out west with gradual warming into the weekend. Strong winds mid-week as a low-pressure system moves out will be followed by seasonal temperatures across the southwestern desert regions. Moisture from the Pacific brings thunderstorms across Central Mexico over the weekend. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecasted across Florida into Saturday as high-pressure brings dry conditions and warmer temperatures next week.

Freight Update

California and Arizona trucks are plentiful and look to stay that way for the near future. Washington apple trucks look to be steady. Idaho onion and potato trucks both remain a little snug. Trucks are available but trying to take advantage of rates. The national average remained steady this week at 3.010 per gallon. California prices remained steady and are currently at $3.857 per gallon. Crude oil dropped slightly and is currently at $53.28 per barrel.

What You Should Know

Avocado (California): Light harvest for California growers as they await to see how the Mexican market reacts as we close into the Super Bowl.

Berries (Blackberries): The market appears to be tightening up under good demand and declining supplies.

Berries (Raspberries): Lighter supplies should firm up pricing moving into the end of the week.

Berries (Strawberries): The Valentines Day pull is almost upon us. Please make sure you place your advance bookings on Strawberries and Stem Strawberries no matter where you intend to load.

Cauliflower: Lower yields caused by the recent cold weather has really hampered supplies.

Citrus (Oranges): Small size Navels (113/138’s) continue to be limited. Please continue sending orders in advance for better coverage.

Grapes (Green): Good supplies of green grapes. Markets are slightly lower. Supplies will decrease as we move through February then pick up in March.

Grapes (Red): Supplies remain limited this week due to delayed arrivals. Shipments are expected to arrive this weekend with better supplies next week. Markets are firm.

Melon (Cantaloupe): With fruit rapidly sizing up, small fruit will be a challenge the next couple of weeks.

Melon (Honeydew): With the size curve trending to larger sized fruit, small sizes will be a challenge.

Onions: Some lots are showing translucency. It is recommended to store onions in a cool (36-45 degrees), dark, dry, and well ventilated area to extend shelf life and preserve quality.

Pineapples: Pineapple supplies are tight industry wide due to light production from the growing regions. Please continue sending orders in advance.

Potatoes: Markets continue to inch upwards. Large sizes are limited.

Stone Fruit: Supplies remain limited as we wait on arrivals. Better availability expected next week. Markets are steady.

Transitions And Temperatures

Carrots: East coast local product is ending soon.

Onions: Mexico will begin next week with light supplies crossing into South Texas.

Potatoes (Colored): Florida color potatoes will start with limited supplies next week.

Transitions And Temperatures

Stone Fruit: We expect supplies to increase during February with peak production coming on later in the month.

Grapes (Green): We expect the peak of production to hit late February to early March.

Grapes (Red): We expect peak production to start mid to late February and last through March.

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