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Market Report – January 2nd

Groups of Fruits

Weather Update

A low-pressure system moves through Southern California today with moderate precipitation, then moving into the desert growing regions with a slight chance of rain. Cool air and strong winds behind this system will bring widespread lettuce ice to the Desert regions thorough the week. Ground temperatures remain low limiting growth rates of these crops into next week. Slightly below normal temperatures this week across Central Mexico with a few isolated showers possible across the region. A chance of showers and possible lettuce ice are forecast across Northern Mexico as these storm systems brush the region. A couple of storm systems roll into Florida this week with light scattered showers today followed by a stronger system later this week.

Freight Update

California and Arizona trucks will be tighter than normal through the end of the year as drivers shut it down for the holidays. Washington apple trucks remain tight. Idaho onion and potato trucks are both extremely tight. The national average remained steady this week at 3.069 per gallon. California prices dropped slightly and are currently at $3.899 per gallon. Crude oil remained steady and is currently at $60.86 per barrel.

What You Should Know

Apples: As we prepare for another offering of Cosmic Crisp (first/second week of January), please temper expectations on availability (cases to single pallet orders). Also, please submit pre-book orders so that shippers have an idea of our needs.

Berries (Blueberries): Blueberries will be highly promotable for all of the month January.

Berries (Strawberries): Florida production is starting to hit its stride.

Grapes (Green): Domestic greens will be done this week. We will transition into all import fruit by next week. Import supplies are better on the east coast, but are expected to improve on the west by later this week. Markets remain firm.

Grapes (Red): Import red grapes are still very limited. On the west coast especially, there is no fruit available. East coast has slightly better supplies. We expect to see improvements starting next week. Markets remain high.

Green Onions: Cold and wet weather, including shortage of labor, is causing the Green Onion market to go up.

Lettuce Iceberg: Lightweights will be an issue all week with lettuce.

Lettuce Leaf: Shortage of labor will be an issue to packing leaf items.

Melon (Honeydew): Demand has outpaced the harvest. Market to remain strong into January.

Onions: Demand active; markets rising on yellow and white onions.

Pears: Bartlett pears will be done for the season around the first/second week of January 2020. Bosc and Green Anjou remain plentiful with longer shelf-life.

Potatoes: Larger sizes and #2 grade remain limited. Lead time needed on all russet orders; up to 7 days advised.

Potatoes (Colored): Markets rising; active demand and lighter supplies, especially red potatoes.

Stone Fruit: Supplies are still limited, but slowly improving. Red plums are now available in addition to yellow peaches and nectarines. Supplies of Chilean fruit will continue to improve over the next 2-3 weeks.

Tomatoes (Western): Demand Exceeds Supply. Availability is limited. Elevated Markets expected through the first half of January.

Transitions And Temperatures

Grapes (Red): Chilean fruit is expected to start arriving over the next 2 weeks.

Grapes (Green): Chilean green grapes are expect to arrive over the next 2 weeks.

Berries (Strawberries): California product has fully transitioned into the Oxnard area.

Celery: Celery has begun production in Yuma.

A Peak At Peak Seasons

Berries (Strawberries): Central Mexico is in peak season.

Onions: Northwest storage onions are in peak season.

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