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Groups of Fruits


High pressure sets up out west with a compressed marine layer and offshore flow causing much warmer temperatures into next week. Central Mexico will continue with seasonably warm temperatures with scattered showers and thunderstorms most days. Northern Mexico will see very warm temperatures under the building high pressure along with isolated showers and thunderstorms into next week. A tropical low-pressure system building in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to drift west toward Louisiana over the next couple of days. This will bring heavy rains to the southeast into the weekend. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue to impact Florida through the weekend with the heaviest rain expected Saturday becoming light and isolated on Sunday.


California trucks are back on track and steady this week after the 4th of July holiday. Washington apple trucks are steady as well as Idaho potato trucks. The national average on diesel remained steady this week and is currently at $3.055 per gallon. California prices also remained steady and are currently at $3.953 per gallon. Crude oil rose slightly and are currently at $57.83 per barrel.


Apples: Golden Delicious (Washington) continue to be in few hands and may gap until new-harvest, Ginger Gold apples are available (first week of August).

Avocado (Mexican): Strong market conditions are expected for the month of July as Mexico transitions into new crop fruit.

CarrotsMexican jumbo carrots still remain tight.

Grapes (Green): Mexico grapes have shown some quality issues as we approach the end of their season. New harvest in California is looking good, but prices are higher.

Grapes (Red): Mexico grapes are approaching the end of the season and quality is deteriorating quickly. Coachella seems to be holding up. New Harvest in California just started.

Lettuce Iceberg: Lightweights on liner lettuce are being reported at 34-38 pounds.

Onions: Yellow onion markets showing strength. Reds in good supply. White onions limited.

Pears: Only Green D’Anjou available in Washington (Red D’Anjou done for season)

Potatoes: Potato markets on the rise as Burbank storage season winds down. Advanced lead-time on orders necessary.

Potatoes (colored): Supplies limited with sporadic sizing available. Markets to remain active through July.

Stone Fruit: Smaller sizes are limited. Plenty of large fruit in all varieties.


Transitions And Temperatures


Grapes (Green): New harvest in California’s Central Valley started this week and will ramp up quickly. Quality is looking great.

Grapes (Red): New harvest just started this week in California’s Central Valley. Prices are higher, but quality is excellent.

Pears: California Bartlett pears available the week of July 15 or July 22. California Bosc pears should be available the week of August 12.

Apples: California Gala expected end of July / first week of August. California Granny Smith expected at the end of August / first week of September

Potatoes (colored): California moving from Bakersfield into Stockton area. Texas and Alabama starting up.

A Peak at Peak Seasons

Stone Fruit: We are currently in peak season and expect good supplies through August.

Berries (Blueberries): Blueberries are moving into peak volume in the Northwest

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