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Varieties of Vegetables


A deepening marine layer brings typical morning mist and drizzle to Central and Southern California coastal regions with breezy afternoon winds through the week. Gradual warming over the weekend into next week as high pressure builds. Isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms continue across Central Mexico with seasonably warm temperatures and isolated showers across the north. The southeast will see a warming trend with showers and thunderstorms especially across Northern Florida late this week with mostly warmer than normal temperatures expected next week.


California trucks remain tight due to a busy 4th of July pull for retailers. Look for trucks to remain tight thru mid next week due to the lack of freight headed west at the end of this week. Washington apple trucks are tight as well as Idaho potato trucks. The national average on diesel remained steady this week and is currently at $3.042 per gallon. California prices also remained steady and are currently at $3.963 per gallon. Crude oil dropped slightly and is currently at $56.97 per barrel.


Apples: Golden Delicious apples are extremely tight and may not be available between mid-July and early August (new harvest).

Avocado (Mexican): The industry is in a demand exceeds supply situation on Mexican fruit. We expect strong market conditions for the month of July and could very well continue into the month of August.

Berries (Blueberries):  Multiple Growing regions going options in both East and West

Berries (Strawberries):  Supplies will remain snug moving into the weekend. Large open market orders may be difficult to cover.

Carrots: 50 lb Mexican jumbo carrot pricing is much higher

Celery: Market coming way off with this commodity.

Grapes (Green): Markets are lower and demand is lighter due to the holiday. Aggressive opportunities are available.

Grapes (Red): Demand is down, Markets are lower. Shippers are looking for volume deals.

Lettuce Iceberg: Light supplies with this commodity thru the week with all shippers. Escalated pricing is in effect.

Lettuce Leaf: Market is softer on carton romaine, although romaine hearts will be tight all week.

Onions: Onion markets to decline week of July 8. Winter-over yellow and Walla Walla sweets available in Washington.

Potatoes: 40-70 count potato supplies tightening up. Markets on the rise. Advanced orders needed.

Potatoes (colored): Color potato supplies limited. Markets remain active; in particular B reds and size C for all colors.

Transitions And Temperatures

Grapes (Green): California Central Valley production will start next week with light volume.

Grapes (Red): California Central Valley is starting next week with red grape production.

Potatoes (colored): North Carolina and Virginia starting new crop. Stockton, CA and Texas to begin over the next couple of weeks.

Avocado (Mexican): New crop Mexican “Flora Loca fruit” will slowly ramp up. Better supply in the pipeline by the end of July.

Berries (Blackberries): Blackberries are now being packed in Oregon

A Peak at Peak Seasons

Stone Fruit: We are currently in the peak of the season on all domestic stone fruit. We expect good supplies through summer and early fall.

Potatoes: Idaho Burbank storage crop will wind down over the next 4-6 weeks.

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