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Market Report – March 12th

Varieties of Vegetables

Weather Update

A cut-off low-pressure system off the California coast will bring rain from north3n California to Northern Mexico mid-week. Heaviest precipitation looks to be across the southern half of the state and Northern Baja before clearing out by Friday. The Southwestern Desert regions are likely to be impacted with up to 1/2 inch of rain as this system rolls through. slightly above normal temperatures and isolated showers look to continue across Mexico into next week. A high-pressure ridge will keep Florida dry and gradual warming into the weekend. Slight cooling expected over the weekend due to a dry cold front passing by. The ridge rebuilds next week with a warm and dry pattern through next week.

Freight Update

California and Arizona trucks continue to be plentiful and look to stay that way until we transition up to Salinas at the end of the month. Washington apple trucks remain steady. Idaho onion and potato trucks both remain a little snug. Potato trucks are available but trying to take advantage of rates. The national average dropped slightly and is currently at 2.814 per gallon. California prices remained steady and are at $3.705 per gallon. Crude oil fell sharply this week and is currently at $33.91 per barrel.

Things You Should Know

Avocado (California): Rain expected in Ventura County. Depending on the rainfall, the harvest may be delayed or cause setbacks.

Avocado (Mexican): Large fruit (48’s and larger) will remain limited through the month of March.

Berries (Strawberries): We are experiencing rain events in California and Baja Mexico this will affect availability and quality moving forward

Cauliflower: Supply is not keeping up with demand as we move through Transition. With Yuma winding down and the Salinas Valley trying to get going all Shippers are watching their #’s.

Grapes (Green): Green grape supplies will get tight soon. We expect supplies to fall off and markets to climb over the next 2 weeks. We may see a possible gap between Chile and Mexico come late March.

Grapes (Red): Plenty of supplies for the next 2-3 weeks. Aggressive prices are available.

Potatoes: Supplies limited on large 40 count through 70 count and 10oz #2 grade. Markets rising.

Potatoes (Colored): Markets active especially B size and #2 grade reds along with A size yellow and white.

Transitions and Temperatures

Lettuce Leaf: Huron will start to have production on leaf next week. Salinas will begin in early April.

Lettuce Iceberg: Huron will begin production next week. Salinas will begin production in early April.

Grapes (Green): We expect Mexican production to start early April with limited supplies until then.

Grapes (Red): Chilean and Peruvian fruit will be coming to an end by early April and we will transition into Mexican harvest. We do not expect any major issues between transition.

Onions: California Valley and domestic Texas to begin mid-to-late April.

A Peak at Peak Transitions

Berries (Strawberries): Central Mexico and Florida production are both on the downhill trend.

Onions: Plentiful supplies of onions as we finish up the Northwest storage season

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