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Market Report – November 1st

Here is a quick overview of this coming week in the fruit and vegetable markets. You should expect:


Apples: Washington is still short of 88 size and larger Granny-smith. Pink Lady apples are slowly starting but they are just coming into season.

Bell Peppers (Eastern): Tight supplies on Green Bell Pepper.

Berries (Blueberries): Uruguay was hit with devastating rain and hail storms that has wiped out most of the remaining forecasted production.

Berries (Strawberries): Chance of rain will impact strawberry supplies for the weekend.

Broccoli: We are experiencing extremely limited supplies from all growing regions. Coupled with the Salinas Valley ending their season within the next 4 weeks, the market is trending much higher.

Carrots: 12 week averages will be on 25 and 50 pound jumbos for the month of November. Rainbow carrots are expected to be back in production in mid-November.

Cauliflower: We are experiencing an extreme supply gap as we finish the Salinas season. Santa Maria is experiencing the same problems. The market is extremely active.

Cucumbers: Tight supplies of cucumbers

Oranges: Demand still exceeds supplies.

Eggplant (Eastern): Tight Supplies on eggplant

Onions: Transportation still limited and demanding a premium.

Potatoes: Transportation still limited with no light at the end of the tunnel


Hopefully, this market information will help you to plan specials, promotions, and make menu adjustments in advance of the rapidly changing produce markets.


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