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MARKET REPORT – November 27th

fresh strawberries


A series of cold winter storm systems will move into the West Coast and the southwestern desert regions into next week with rains with strong winds and freezing morning temperatures. Cold temperatures behind these systems will keep growth rates to a crawl next week in the desert stands with freeze and frost damage likely to impact the leafy green and lettuce stands. Seasonal temperatures look to continue across Central Mexico with slightly below normal temperatures along with isolated showers and thunderstorms expected across Northern Mexico. Weak high pressure over Florida will produce slow warming and dry conditions into the weekend. A weak frontal passage on Sunday brings a slight chance of light showers followed by dry conditions and seasonal temperatures next week.


California and Arizona trucks are tight as drivers stay home with their families for the Thanksgiving holiday. Washington apple trucks are tight as Christmas trees have started. Idaho onion and potato trucks are both extremely tight. The national average remained steady this week at 3.066 per gallon. California prices remained steady as well and are currently at $3.983 per gallon. Crude oil remained steady and is currently at $58.39 per barrel.


Berries (Blackberries): Blackberries still remain in a demand exceeds supply status.

Berries (Strawberries): Wet weather is on the way this evening expected to bring substantial rain production will definitely be impeded in the Santa Maria and Oxnard Growing areas.

Carrots: The California jumbo market remains elevated and demand exceeds supply.

Grapes (Green): Storage greens are limited and quality is fair at best. Prices are higher. Supplies will last another 2-3 weeks.

Grapes (Red): Storage supplies are steady. Markets are higher. Quality is solid. Supplies will last through December.

Potatoes: Markets steady to slightly higher. Larger sizes and #2 grade remains limited. Lead time needed on all russet orders, up to 7 days advised.

Potatoes (Colored): Markets remain steady but elevated. Holiday demand is slowing as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.

Stone Fruit: Very limited availability of plums remain. Quality is fair and prices are higher. Fruit will not travel well.


Lettuce Iceberg: Production in Salinas and Santa Maria will finish up this week with lettuce.

Lettuce Leaf: Salinas production is finished on all leaf items.

Grapes (Red): New Peruvian red grapes are expected to arrive the second week of December. Prices will be higher.

Grapes (Green): New Peruvian grapes will arrive next week, but supplies will be very limited for the next month. Prices will be higher.

Stone Fruit: New import fruit is expected to arrive the week of December 9th. Volumes will increase later in December.

A Peak at Peak Seasons

Onions: Northwest storage onions are in full swing with excellent supplies and quality.

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