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MARKET REPORT – October 31st

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A cool dry offshore flow continues across California with extremely strong winds in Southern California and the Southwestern desert regions. Winds in the 40-60mph range are forecast over the next couple of days. Morning lows will reach the low to upper 30s in the colder inland valleys into the weekend. Seasonal temperatures look to continue across Central Mexico with slightly cooler temperatures to the north. Florida will see isolated showers and thunderstorms early this week with warmer, dry conditions to follow into early next week.


California trucks remain plentiful again this week. Washington apple trucks are steady as well as Idaho potato and onion trucks. The national average remained steady this week at 3.064 per gallon. California prices remained steady as well and are currently at $3.998 per gallon. Crude oil remained steady and is currently at $55.56 per barrel.


Apples: FREEZE IN THE NORTHWEST. Late season varieties (Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Envy, Jazz, Lady Alice, and Braeburn) are still being harvested, but will be impacted by weather in some growing areas. We will not have accurate numbers until the storage report is released Dec 6, but reports are stating that Pink Lady apples will be mostly affected.

Berries (Blackberries): Extreme weather related shortage will cause a 2 week gap in production numbers.

Berries (Strawberries): Severe heat in the mid 90 degrees from last Weds, Thurs. and Friday will affect quality for the next few days . However after a substantial cooling trend of 30 degrees or more quality should improve next week

Grapes (Green): Quality is fair, supplies will become limited and prices are climbing. Expect a gap by end of November.

Grapes (Red): Supplies will be steady, quality is good, but prices are climbing.

Melon (Cantaloupe): Market will remain active into November. Demand has outpaced the harvest.

Potatoes: Markets are rising in all regions. Demand is active with limited production out of Idaho.

Potatoes (Colored): Markets rising in all regions; in particular on reds. North Dakota and Wisconsin extremely limited on supplies.

Stone Fruit: Domestic stone fruit is done except for black plums.


Stone Fruit: Import season is expected to start early December.

Grapes (Red): Import season will start early December on the east coast.

Grapes (Green): Import season will start by early December on the east coast.

Lettuce Leaf: Yuma is expected the first to second week in November.

Lettuce Iceberg: Yuma will begin production the first to second week in November. Huron will continue until the first week in November.

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