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Market Report – October 8th

Groups of Fruits

Weather Update

California: Temperature cool into the weekend as a cold front brings drizzle and a slight chance of light rain across the state. Temps climb above average again next week as high pressure builds.

Mexico: Seasonal temperatures with a few isolated showers possible, mainly in the higher elevations look to continue into next week.

Florida: Approaching Hurricane Delta will bring increasing showers late this week into the weekend. Next week will see plenty of shower activity and near-normal temperatures across the state.

Freight Update

Trucks remain tight in California, Idaho, and the Northwest. The National Average remained steady at 2.387 per gallon.

Things You Should Know

Apples: Market steady on excellent quality. Most varieties now in new crop.

Asparagus: Demand exceeds situation brought on by minimal supplies coming out of Peru and Mexico.

Avocados: The market on Mexican 48’s and larger are steady, 60’s and smaller, we are seeing a slightly higher market. new crop “Aventejada” fruit is slowly making its way through the pipeline. A gentle but firm squeeze in the palm of your hand is the recommended method to accurately gauge ripeness. Current size structure peaking on 48’s Good availability through the month of October. California growers have another week or two before they conclude their 2020 season.

Bell Peppers: May have a small gap between central CA and Coachella, as central CA is slowing down to the end. Thermal/Coachella won’t start for two weeks.

Berries (Blackberries): These berries are beginning to show better numbers although we are still experiencing some issues with soft fruit and red cell. Product is coming from the Central Coast and Mexico. The market is getting easier and we expect this trend to continue.

Berries (Blueberries): Supplies are short and we are reliant on sporadic imports coming in from Peru, Mexico, and other Latin American sources. The market is higher and should ease off in the third week of October when the Mexican products begins to ramps up. Quality has been excellent.

Berries (Raspberries): Raspberries are showing up in better numbers and are expected to continue to build through November. Quality is good out of Mexico and the Central Coast and the market looks to be easing off.

Berries (Strawberries): The berries have responded positively to the recent warm weather and are beginning to produce better numbers out of the new crop in Santa Maria and Oxnard areas. Quality is improving daily. The market remains firm with lower undertones.

Broccoli: Markets are adjusting lower as better yields and quality are improving.

Brussels Sprouts: The Brussels Sprouts market continues to stay steady on the higher side.

Carrots: The larger Jumbo SKU is short due to inadequate sizing in California although we do have alternatives in both Texas and Canada. The rest of the carrot lineup is steady.

Cauliflower: Supplies continue to stay steady with fair quality.

Celery: Overall, supplies continue to be steady, with better availability on Oxnard/Santa Maria. Shippers are flexing on larger sizes so promote as much as possible. This is a commodity that will have good supplies throughout the week.

Citrus (Lemons): The coastal district is winding down for the season, quality is fair out of that area. D3 (Desert Crop) will be starting soon. Markets are steady. Fancy grade is holding firm and the choice market is holding steady. Reach out if you have any interest on imports.

Citrus (Limes): Markets on 200’s are smaller and starting to soften. 175’s and larger are still holding firm with light supplies. Quality is fair. Please place orders with lead time.

Citrus (Oranges): Valencia supplies are winding down for the season. 88/113/138’s are very limited. Better supplies on 72’s and larger. Markets are active on both grades and quality is fair. Please put orders in advance for better coverage.

Cucumbers: Slowing down on harvest, as Nogales will start soon. No gap anticipated.

Eggplant: Steady supplies out of central California for the next few weeks. Quality has been good.

Garlic: Steady supplies with California production continues. This market is steady.

Grapes (Green): Supplies starting to drop on Green seedless. Wide range in quality.

Grapes (Red): Market steady on good supplies of Red seedless. Wide range in quality, size, and price.

Green Onions: Plenty of supplies coming out of Mexico is keeping the market steady.

Kale: The recent round of heat has caused some sun damage and lower shelf life. Market continues to stay steady.

Lettuce (Iceberg): Demand has eased up on this commodity. Escalated pricing on value-added items are currently off. Common defects include soil disease, misshapen heads, lightweights, and discoloration. Production in Huron will be approximately October 15th. Yuma will start the first week in November.

Lettuce Leaf: Demand exceeds supplies on Romaine as well as all leaf items. Escalated pricing on value-added Romaine and Green Leaf items are in effect. Common defects include tip and fringe burn, insect damage, and soil disease. Shelf life will be shorter on all Romaine and leaf items please be aware. Light supplies are expected throughout the week.

Lettuce Tender Leaf: Supplies continue to be light on Spinach and Cilantro due to the recent heat waves.

Melons (Cantalope): Demand has tapered off slightly and the melon market is holding steady. There is some overlap with the westside, the desert, and Mexico all going. Currently peaking on 9’s/J9’s. With import and domestic melons in the pipeline, please communicate if your programs call for a specific country of origin.

Melons (Honeydew): Demand for Honeydews remains strong. Production on the Westside is quickly drying up on honeydews, the desert is gradually improving as well as Mexico. Currently peaking on 4’s/5’s/J5’s. With multiple origins in the pipeline, please communicate if your program calls for import or domestic.

Melons (Watermelon): Demand is good and the market is steady. Good availability on the west coast.

Onions: Ample supplies of high-quality storage onions are available from the northwest. USDA box program demand for 3 lb. bags is affecting production.

Pears: Bartletts, Anjous, and Bosc all in a new crop. Peaking on larger sizes.

Pineapples: Crown fruit is improving out of both coasts, with steady markets. Crownless fruit supplies are steady on the west, but snug on the east. Organics supplies are steady. Need orders in advance. Quality overall is looking nice.

Potatoes: Harvest of new crop Norkotahs is almost complete. Burbanks have started to harvest. Limited field run is available until after the 28-day sweat process in late October. Large bakers remain elevated but the market is softening. Ample supplies of cartons. Freight is slowing movements.

Squash: Sonora crop is starting to cross through Nogales, anticipating some lower markets with more products coming in from Mexico.

Stone Fruit: Nectarines are done for the season. A few peaches are available. Plenty of Plums.

Tomatoes: Round and grape tomatoes have triggered escalators in the East and West. Supplies are winding down and will continue to decline in October. Eastern regions are recovering from hurricane systems that have reduced yields and now cool weather, further reducing yields. Western regions are ahead of schedule following weeks of triple-digit weather. New crops in Mexico are starting to help supplement the Fall season, but the market has risen as California has less to offer. Florida crops set for October are on track, but supplies will be light. The market is up across the board. Quality is fair overall and varies by region. Expect active markets through mid-October.

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