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Market Report – September 2nd

fresh strawberries

Weather Update

Record-breaking temperatures are expected in California growing regions Friday, adding to the rampant mold, mildew, and disease pressure in the fields. Heat-related damage, along with insect pressure, will be on the rise in most crops, with young tender spring mix, spinach, and baby leaf items particularly susceptible to these extreme temperatures. At a minimum, expect a decrease in overall texture and shelf life for most crops in the near term.

A light deposit of ash remains in many whole commodities as Salinas valley fires finish burning out.

Tropical storm Nana is heading across Central America bringing potential precipitation and flash flooding to Belize, Guatemala, and portions of southeastern Mexico over the next couple of days. We will keep you posted on the potential threat to crops and the supply chain.

Freight Update

Trucks remain tight in the Northwest, Idaho, and California. The National average remained steady at $2.441 per gallon.

Things You Should Know

Apples: Market mostly steady. USDA box program keeping supplies tight on bagged apples. Mkt slightly up on smaller sizes.

Asparagus: Plenty of supplies coming out of Mexico and Peru at this time. Time to promote Asparagus.

Avocados: Market is steady and demand is good. 48’s and larger remain limited out of Mexico. Current size structure peaking on 60’s/70’s. Limited options on #2 grade fruit.

Bell Peppers: Green bells with steady supplies but mostly choice grade. The next 10 days will have more #1 product. Red bells have good supplies for all sizes. Yellow bells still limited.

Berries (Blackberries): Better numbers coming from Mexico are expected to make the market react downward.

Berries (Blueberries): Steady supplies from multiple locations continue to keep the market soft.

Berries (Raspberries): Numbers are expected to increase out of Mexico in the next 2 weeks until then supplies out west will remain light.

Berries (Strawberries): There is a 2 tiered market in effect with old crop product moving to close destinations at cheaper pricing due to poor quality and limited shelf life.

Broccoli: The recent heat has caused quality issues resulting in lower yields. Watch this market to continue to climb into next week.

Brussels Sprouts: Plenty of supplies is causing this market to be aggressive.

Carrots: Carrots running on the small side out of Bakersfield with heavy demand for the Jumbos, Cellos, and Juice Carrots. USDA bid business combined with new School business are is keeping demand form on Snack Packs and Baby Whole Peeled SKUs.

Cauliflower: Plenty of supplies in both Santa Maria and Salinas Valley to go around.

Celery: Good supplies north and south continues with this commodity. The sharpest deals continue to be in Oxnard/Santa Maria. Expect steady supplies all week on twenty-four and thirty counts. Thirty-six counts are light in availability. Good quality will continue throughout the week.

Citrus (Lemons): Good supplies out of the Coastal district. Markets are holding steady and firm on fancy grade. Choice market is still looking steady. Reach out if you have any interest on imports.

Citrus (Limes): Markets in 200’s and smaller is slightly coming off. 175’s and larger are still holding firm. Quality is fair. Please place orders with lead time.

Citrus (Oranges): Valencia supplies on 88/113/138’s are very tight. Markets are active on both grades and quality is fair. Please put orders in advance for better coverage.

Cucumbers: Good supplies and quality across all packs on cucumbers.

Eggplant: Lighter supplies on eggplant with better supplies in 10 days. Market is steady but firm.

Garlic: Steady supplies with California production continues. This market is steady.

Grapes (Green): Market trending down and demand is good. Quality has been consistent with good sugar levels.

Grapes (Red): Market trending down and with good availability. Good quality and sugar levels.

Green Onions: Good supplies coming out of Mexico is keeping this market steady.

Kale: Flat market and steady supplies expected throughout the week.

Lettuce (Iceberg): This market is active with most shippers. Lower yields due to labor and erratic weather are surfacing in the marketplace. Misshapen heads, discoloration, and puffiness are defects shippers are proclaiming. These defect are very weather related.

Lettuce Leaf: Romaine as well as all leaf items are active. Tip and fringe burn is being reported upon arrivals. Romaine hearts continues to be in a demand exceeds supplies situation. Expect moderate to light supplies for the week.

Lettuce Tender Leaf: The recent heat in the Salinas Valley took a toll on the Spinach. Sunscald and yellowing leaves may be present.

Melons (Cantalope): Market trending up due to strong holiday retail ads and USDA program. Currently peaking on 12’s.

Melons (Honeydew): Crown fruit volume is down out of both coasts with firm markets. Crownless fruit supplies are improving. Quality is improving. Organic supplies are in better shape, need orders in advance.

Onions: Ample supplies of high-quality storage onions are available from the northwest. USDA box program demand for 3lb. bags are affecting production time at the sheds.

Pears: Market is trending lower with supplies ramping up. Ample supplies of new crop Washington Bartletts. Anjou’s are expected to begin later in the month.

Potatoes: Harvest of new crop Norhotahs is underway. Large bakers remain elevated but the market is softening. Ample supplies of cartons. USDA box program limiting 5lb bags.

Squash: Zucchini squash has some quality issues but overall decent. Good quality on yellow squash. Good supplies on both.

Stone Fruit: The market is active and supplies are limited. Another 2-3 weeks of production before we conclude the domestic season. Plums/Pluots will be available through September.

Tomatoes: There are multiple growing regions for tomatoes spanning AL, TN, VA, MI, NC, CA, Mex, and Baja. Quality varies by region. Weeks of warm temps have brought forth a flush of fruit in the California Valley stabilizing the market in the short term. The wildfires in the state have not affected yields to this point. The Mexico market is high and the most product is staying close to home. In east Michigan, the product is mostly local. Tennessee and Virginia have received days of rain reducing supply. Demand has been moderate to good and the market has strengthened in the east slightly this week. VIneripe and Roma tomatoes are promotable out of North Carolina. Alabama supply is steady and quality has been good.

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