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Market Report – September 9th

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Weather Update

California: Temperatures cool to near normal across the state following another round of extreme heat over the weekend. Wildfires continue to rage across the state.

Mexico: Near seasonal temperatures with isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms look to continue across Central Mexico.

Florida: An easterly flow from the Atlantic brings widespread daily showers with seasonal temperatures.

Freight Update

Trucks remain tight in California, Washington, and Idaho. The national average remains steady at $2.435 per gallon.

Things You Should Know

Apples: High volume movement on apples as retail and the USDA Box Program continue to scoop up supplies.

Asparagus: Good supplies continue out of Mexico and Peru.

Avocados: Market is steady and may trend down post-holiday pull. Size 48’s and larger remain in high demand. #2 fruit is very limited.

Bell Peppers: Steady Markets – Still light supplies on #1 retail green bell and across the board on red and yellow, but availability.

Berries (Blackberries): Heat has caused quality and yields to plummet. The market is in a demand exceeds supply situation.

Berries (Raspberries): Heat has caused quality and yields to plummet. The market is in a demand exceeds supply situation.

Berries (Strawberries): Recent heat has caused quality and size to go on a decline. Harvest numbers are reduced as well.

Broccoli: The recent round of record-setting heat will continue to hamper the broccoli quality. Look for yields and quality to be affected as harvesters continue to identify and discard products showing signs of bad quality.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels Sprouts market continues to stay level with steady supplies.

Carrots: Cello Carrots and Jumbos are still in short supply out west. Mexican jumbos are available along with Canadian and Colorado.

Celery: This market is steady, overall. Small sizing, 36’s in particular continues to have the lightest availability. Aside from some slight bowing, the quality continues to be strong both in Northern and Southern California.

Citrus (Lemons): Steady supplies out of Coastal District. Markets are active and firm on fancy grade. Choice markets still looking steady.

Citrus (Limes): Markets 200’s and smaller is leveling off. 175’s and larger are still holding firm with light supplies. Quality is fair. Please place orders with lead time.

Citrus (Oranges): Valencia supplies on 88/113/138’s are very limited. Better supplies on 72’s and larger. Markets are active on both grades and quality is fair. Please put orders in advance for better coverage.

Cucumbers: Continued good supplies and quality.

Eggplant: Good quality and firm but steady markets on eggplant.

Garlic: Steady supplies with California production continues. This market is steady.

Grapes (Green): Market is trending up post-holiday pull. last weeks heatwave will impact quality and shelf life. Good availability this week on all sizes.

Grapes (Red): Market is trending up post-holiday pull. Last weeks heatwave will impact quality and shelf life. Good availability on all sizes this week.

Kale: The recent round of heat has caused sun damage and lower shelf life.

Lettuce (Iceberg): This market is stronger as yields have been lessened due to excessive temperatures in the growing regions. Common defects include puffiness and discoloration seen upon arrivals. Supplies look to be moderate at best for the entire week.

Lettuce Leaf: Romaine as well as all leaf items are active in the marketplace. Romaine hearts continues to be in a demand exceeds supply situation. This will continue for the entire week. Expect to see fringe and tip bun on all leaf items as these are common defects being reported. Supplies will be moderate to light throughout the week.

Lettuce Tender Leaf: Markets have turned higher with the recent round of heat causing lower yields and sub-par quality.

Melons (Cantalope): Market trending upward due to strong holiday retail ads and USDA program. Smaller sized fruit has tightened up. Overall quality is excellent with good brix levels.

Melons (Honeydew): Market trending upward due to strong retail ads and USDA program. Heatwave over the weekend may impact size and quality.

Melons (Watermelon): Market is active on the west coast. Strong holiday pull has strengthened markets. Demand exceeds supply.

Onions: Ample supplies of high-quality storage onions are available from the northwest. USDA box program demand for 3lb. bags are affecting production time at the sheds.

Pears: Market slightly lower on larger Bartletts. All varieties are tight on smaller sizes.

Pineapples: Crown fruit volume is down out of both coast with firm markets. Crownless fruit supplies are steady. Quality has improved. Organic supplies are in better shape. Need orders in advance.

Potatoes: Harvest of new crop Norhotahs is underway. Large bakers remain elevated but the market is softening. Ample supplies of cartons. USDA box program limiting 5lb bags.

Squash: Some old Zucchini out there as demand has not caught up with supplies due to local production but it is the exception not the rule. Overall good quality and condition.

Stone Fruit: Another week or two of production before we conclude the domestic season. peach are pretty much done, nectarine tapering off quickly and plums will have another few weeks of production.

Tomatoes: There are multiple growing regions for tomatoes spanning AL, TN, VA, MI, NC, CA, Mex, and Baja. Quality varies by region. Triple digit temps in the California Valley have affected harvest schedulesand yields causing the round and roma markets to increase slightly this week. The most common quality issues are sun scald and puffiness. Similarly in the east, demand has been moderate and the market is adjusting upward instep with western offerings.

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