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Market Update

Here is a quick overview of this coming week in the fruit and vegetable markets. You should expect:


Blackberries: Supplies will be very limited for the next two weeks. Quality is fair and markets will be expensive.

Blueberries: Supplies will continue to be limited this week with very little fruit remaining in the Pacific Northwest. The quality is fair.

Broccoli: Extremely limited supplies due to a result of previous weather factors and the market is extremely volatile.

Caulflower: Supplies are trending lower with the previous weather which is causing a spike in the market.

Oranges: Demand far exceeding supplies as we near the end of the California Valencia season.

Cucumbers: Cucumber Prices are very high and quality is only fair.

Green Onions: Green onion supplies remain extremely limited and the market is steady at much higher than normal prices.

Onions: Rain in the Idaho growing areas Sunday/Monday has supplies in a demand exceeds situation.Transportation in the Northwest is very limited.

Pears: We expect larger fruit to remain limited this year for all varietys.

Potatoes: Transportation is very limited


Hopefully, this market information will help you to plan specials, promotions, and make menu adjustments in advance of the rapidly changing produce markets.

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