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Kitchen Disposables

We are dedicated to providing quality service. That means striving to have a great relationship with all our clients.

Through our relationships, we have learned that many of our clients are paying a premium to purchase disposable items from their large distributors. They have even resorted to driving hours to buy in bulk to save in this category or be forced to load up their back room to save a few dollars. Fortunately, when you partner with GoFresh, you have access to the reasonably priced disposables your business needs. At GoFresh, we offer a good selection of key disposables, including plastic wrap, aluminum foil, napkins, toilet tissue, paper towels, Styrofoam products and more, at very competitive prices delivered right to your business location. No matter what disposable products you need, we can provide them at a price that your business will love. Now you can save time, money and precious storage space in your kitchen by ordering only when products are needed.

You likely already know how important disposables are for the continued success of your business; however, you shouldn’t be forced into paying exorbitant costs for them. Because GoFresh is dedicated to providing quality service and innovative solutions for the foodservice industry, we provide affordable disposables with convenient delivery options to maintain a great relationship with our customers. We invite you to explore our wide selection of disposables and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

GoFresh provides a wide variety of disposables that can be conveniently delivered within your designated delivery window with your other fresh product orders. When you are ready to place your disposables order you will need to contact your Sales Representative or Sales Support by phone with your full order.

GoFresh Benefits

  • Reasonably Priced Chemicals for Added Value
  • A Large Variety of Chemical Options to Meet your Specific Needs
  • Convenient Delivery Options with Fresh Product Orders

We have been serving our customers for over 75 years. With three distribution centers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock we can provide fresh food and supplies on a regular basis to Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest/Central Arkansas.


You can always count on GoFresh to source, care for, and deliver the absolute best quality products. At GoFresh, quality is never sacrificed and always put first!


We use technology, automation, responsible practices, good old fashioned common sense and hard work to deliver a stellar customer service experience.


If you need it, it’s likely GoFresh has it. We have nationwide as well as regional and local vendors. Ask a GoFresh representative for a list of available products.

Ready for a Fresh new experience?

Reach out to us and tell us about your fresh food needs. We can start delivering quality service right away!

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