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The Perks of Online Ordering

The business of food hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years. Creating succulent dishes using the freshest ingredients is still the driving force behind every chef and every restaurant across the globe, and it’s still done by hand with very little technology playing a part. So that begs the question, “Can advances in software and technology help a chef prepare a better bowl of soup or help a restaurant sell more of today’s daily special?” The answer is a resounding YES and today we have a Q&A with someone who knows exactly how to make a meal tastier…with a laptop.

We’re joined today with Patrick Huber, the Sales Coordinator at GoFresh and we’re talking about Online Ordering and what makes the experience at GoFresh so unique.


Give us a little overview of Online Ordering with GoFresh for those that might not be familiar of the process.

GoFresh offers online ordering for all their customers so they can have an quick and easy solution when needing to place their produce order without having to call a toll free number and listing everything over the phone. The GoFresh Portal can be accessed on any web browser for desktop, smartphone, or tablet and our customers can place an order today and have it arrive at their restaurant or business the very next day.

One huge benefit they receive when they use our online system is the ability to see every item they are ordering and be assured they are getting exactly what they need. This cuts down on a tremendous waste – both time and our customer’s product.


What makes the GoFresh Online Ordering process unique?

Our online ordering process is unique because it allows our customers to create their own personalized order guides based on their ordering habits and they can create as many guides as they need. If a customer has an order just for cleaning supplies on Tuesdays, they can use one guide for that. If they want to order only dairy that day, they can use their guide created specifically for dairy without having to filter through the entire catalog of items or previous orders. Their guides are created exactly for them to make ordering as easy as possible


What are some of the benefits your customers see using GoFresh’s Online Ordering?

Our number one goal at GoFresh is serving our customer and our Online Ordering is an extension of that. We know that running a successful business can be challenging and we want to help make ordering your fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, seafood, bread and cleaning supplies as easy as possible.

We provide automated emails with weekly price guides, order reminders, and personalized order confirmations. And our automated systems get better as we get to know you, the customer, better. Online ordering hasn’t replaced our relationships with our customers. Our sales team works closely with every customer so their online experience becomes more and more intuitive. That saves both time and money.

And of course, our customers can use the Online Ordering to view their account history, check statements and invoices. No more shuffling through papers, it’s all right there at your fingertips.


Any additional benefits?

As much as we wish we had every item in stock, sometimes an item coming from across the country might take a little more time to arrive here in Oklahoma and our online ordering process allows the customer to see if an item needs to be ordered in advance or if would be available at all. Market and weather conditions (especially recently) have really shaken things up and by using the Online Ordering they can keep up to date with all of the products they need.

And for our customers that manage multiple location or franchises, they can use Online Ordering to manage all their franchises with one account for online ordering. An owner, manager or supervisor in charge can place orders for all the locations they manage instead of having to manage multiple accounts. This saves a ton of time and money as well.


If you’d like to learn more about Online Ordering or becoming a GoFresh customer and taking full advantage of this amazing technology, contact your sales rep or CLICK HERE to drop is a line. We look forward to serving you.



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