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Misc Vegetables


Artichoke 24 ct

Beet, Red Peeled

Beet, Fresh Peeled 5 lb

Beet, Gold Peeled

Beet, Gold Fresh Peeled 5 lb

Brussel, Sprout

Brussel Sprouts 25 lb


Eggplant, Fancy 18-24 ct


Fennel 24 ct

Flower Edible

Flower, Edible Assorted 100 ct

Flower Edible

Flower, Edible Orchid 100 ct


Frozen, Avocado Pulp 4/4 lb

Ginger, Peeled

Ginger, Peeled 2/5 lb

Ginger, Root

Ginger, Root Chinese 30 lb

Watercress Hydro

Greens, Watercress Hydro 12 ct


Okra, Fresh 15 lb

Pea, Sugar Snap

Pea, Sugar Snap 10 lb

Shallot, Peeled

Shallot, Peeled 4/5 lb

Snow Pea

Snow Pea 10 lb

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