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FFV (School)


Berry, Blend Fruit Cup 24/4 oz

Strawberry Cup

Berry, Straw Fruit Cup 24/2 oz


Blackberry, Fruit Cup 24/2 oz


Blueberry, Fruit Cup 24/2 oz


Broccoli Florettes, Veg Cup 24/2 oz

Celery Sticks 12oz

Celery Sticks, Veg Cup 24/2 oz

Cucumber Coin Cut

Cucumber, Veg Cup Coin Sliced 24/2 oz

Fruit Medley

Fruit Medley 24/2 oz


Grapes 24/2 oz

Jicama Stick

Jicama, Veg Cup Sticks 24/2 oz

Melon Medley

Melon Medley 24/2 oz

Cantaloupe Chunks 12oz

Melon, Cantaloupe Chunks 24/2 oz

Honeydew Chunks 12 0z

Melon, Honeydew Chunks 24/2 oz

Pea, Sugar Snap

Pea, Sugar Snap Cup 24/2 oz

Fajita Peppers

Pepper, Red/Yellow Pepper Cup 24/2 oz

Pineapple Cup Chunks

Pineapple, Cup Chunks 24/2 oz

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