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Save Storage Space with Pre-Cut Produce

Save Storage Space with Pre-Cut Produce

If you are like most businesses in the foodservice industry, you likely have a difficult time finding the appropriate storage space for your fresh produce. If you are buying whole produce in bulk, you likely are either keeping it in the original box or consolidating the produce to fit into your storage areas more easily. However, when you invest in pre-cut produce through our sister company Lloyd’s Cuts, you can organize your storage appropriately and save much-needed space.

Think about your current food storage area. Chances are that the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes or piles of whole produce that have been placed in a new container. All of these factors equate to lost storage space. For instance, the organic waste that comes from processing your own vegetables may not seem like it takes up a lot of space until you compare it side by side with pre-cut produce that has been packaged in plastic and sealed to preserve freshness.

Depending on the produce you keep stocked in your storage at any given time, the amount of space you will save with pre-cut produce can be larger than you think. One great example would be the amount of space it requires to store 50 lbs. of unprocessed potatoes. Not only do they have boxes or bags that create unusable space, the product itself can be bulky and unmalleable to your designated storage space. However, with cubed potatoes you can reduce the storage impact of that same quantity of potatoes to 70% of its initial storage requirements while only removing the organic waste that processing your own potatoes creates.

Each pre-cut produce order that you receive from Lloyd’s Cuts comes not only conveniently packaged but dated. This helps foodservice businesses successfully rotate their product and limit waste or spoilage that can occur with poorly managed storage habits. By relying on the dating the packages, you have the ability to consistently provide the freshest ingredients possible to your customers while preserving the amount of space needed for storage.

These packaged, pre-cut produce items can be stacked and stored neatly based on the date they were received. With a wide variety of vegetables and fruits available we can help simplify your food storage while still maintaining the high-quality standards your business has. If you are ready to get started, our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help!

GoFresh is committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables available. By utilizing cold-chain processes and providing date indications for successful rotation, you can rest easy knowing we have your safety in mind. If you are looking for a reliable foodservice distribution company to fulfill your fresh produce needs, GoFresh is here to help. If you are ready to get started, contact us or call us at (800) 725-1151 today!

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