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Organic Produce

Organic food has become a booming trend of consumers who demand to know more information about what they are eating.

Consumers are demanding transparency on the source of your organic items and how they impact the environment. But we find customers typically have a hard time finding certified organic ingredients for their menu items because they either aren't available or the providers sell them for exorbitant amounts of money. We are here to support our customers in providing certified organic ingredients on their menu.

Because we want to provide the best product selection possible to our clients, GoFresh works with many California-based certified organic sources that we can access two times a week, with a lead time, to help assist you in your organic produce needs. We also have access to some local organic items that can be delivered alongside your other fresh products. No matter what organic produce you need, we can find a reputable, organic-certified source to assist you in fulfilling your product needs.

The organic movement is more than just a fad as more and more customers begin seeking out organic products exclusively. Organic produce is often preferred because it doesn't contain the pesticides or other unwanted chemicals commonly found among traditional produce. If your foodservice location is ready to lead the charge and give your customers the organic produce they are looking for, GoFresh is here to help.

GoFresh provides fresh, organic produce that can be conveniently delivered within your designated delivery window with your other fresh product orders. When you are ready to place your organic produce order you will need to contact your Sales Representative or Sales Support by phone with your full order.

GoFresh Benefits

  • Consistent Quality & Freshness with Simple & Fair Pricing
  • Convenient Deliveries within your Delivery Window
  • A Large Variety of Options Including Specialty Local Produce Sourcing
  • Wide Variety of Cheeses from Local Vendors

We have been serving our customers for over 75 years. With three distribution centers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock we can provide fresh food and supplies on a regular basis to Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest/Central Arkansas.

Quality Fresh Fruit

You can always count on GoFresh to source, care for, and deliver the absolute best quality products. At GoFresh, quality is never sacrificed and always put first!

Fruit Service

We use technology, automation, responsible practices, good old fashioned common sense and hard work to deliver a stellar customer service experience.

Fruit Variety

If you need it, it’s likely GoFresh has it. We have nationwide as well as regional and local vendors. Ask a GoFresh representative for a list of available products.

Ready for a Fresh new experience?

Reach out to us and tell us about your fresh food needs. We can start delivering quality service right away!

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