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Spotlight – Scissortail Farms

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Have you ever dreamed of being a farmer? John Sulton didn’t either but as luck would have it, John and his friend Rob Walenta became farmers just west of downtown Tulsa. And, they do things a little differently.

By now, you may be familiar with lettuces and herbs being grown by Scissortail Farms, one of the largest Aeroponic facilities in the world. This facility is impressive, and the truly impressive part of this operation is how they do it!

For John and Rob, this opportunity came about when they saw a need to provide fresh, high quality, locally grown produce, so they took it one step further. John Sulton says, “It was the opportunity to take that supply chain, make it local and be there when people need them.”

“Being there” is where Scissortail Farms separates itself from the pack and becomes a genuinely unique operation. Sulton puts it simply, “Being in touch with the customers, being there with them when they are planning their menu is fantastic.” And, this is something you won’t hear very often from many farmers. It’s their connection to the customer and resulting personal relationships that drive them. They love feedback from their clients, especially critical feedback. John added, “We’ve actually changed certain varieties of things that we grow.”

They’re providing a superior product but they are also providing superior customer service, not just so they can feel better as a company, it’s so they can BE a better company. They can craft a product so that it’s better for their clients and this all starts with listening to their customers. Sulton states, “We love hearing how great our products are but if you have an issue, you don’t have to wait, we’ll be there to address it.”

Their mission is simple, “to provide the safest, freshest produce possible” and by listening to chefs, restaurant owners, grocery stores and even the great folks at GoFresh, according to Sulton, “they help us achieve this mission with their long standing knowledge of customers’ needs, developing great feedback and helping us get even better.”

And I think you understand by now that “better” means tastier and that’s good for all of us.


You can find Scissortail Farms produce at Reasor’s and a number of local restaurants like Boston Deli, La Villa at Philbrook, Tallgrass Prairie Table and Doc’s.


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