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Spotlight – The Tavern is all about Tulsa

The Tavern

Positioned perfectly at 2nd and Main, just down from Cain’s Ballroom in the historic Brady Arts District is a modern interpretation of the classic neighborhood pub call The Tavern. Now it should be noted that the term “modern interpretation” is actually added by The Tavern on their website. When I stepped through the doors, the place looked pretty classic to me, but after a chat with Chef Ben Alexander, I see why The Tavern is a bit more special than your average pub.

For starters, Chef Alexander has deep affection for Tulsa. “The Tavern participates in philanthropic events throughout the year, and that’s one of my top priorities, making sure Tulsa is built up.”

Now as admirable as that is, I personally don’t think simply doing good is going to satisfy a hungry Tulsa appetite. Chef Ben assured me that food is his other top priority, “We try to put out great food and capture the trust of our guests so they can keep coming back and getting great quality food every time. We try to source as locally as possible by partnering up with local farms for meats and GoFresh for most all of our produce.”

Quality and consistency is extremely important to this local chef but having a permanent menu isn’t. The Tavern likes to take advantage of the freshest ingredients that are currently in season so as the seasons change, so does the menu. Pork, steak and chicken are always on the lineup but as Chef Ben puts it, “I want to make something seem familiar but presented in a different way. We take care of our ingredients – from the moment it comes through our doors to the moment is goes out.” 

Now THAT is how you take care of a Tulsa appetite and Chef Alexander has a simple recipe for keeping things fresh (and very tasty), “It’s really respecting the ingredients that you have – that’s what makes really great food.”

His love and respect for food and Tulsa go hand in hand, “The more people that live in Tulsa and love Tulsa means more people will come and eat.”

You can decide for yourself whether it’s modern, classic or both, but one thing is for certain, The Tavern, is a great place to eat.

You can check out their (current) menu online at



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