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The Hidden Benefits of Using Fresh Pre-cut Produce

The Hidden Benefits of Using Processed Produce

For most restaurants, performing time-consuming food preparations, like cutting produce, is a common struggle. However, what if we told you there was an easier way to make your kitchen more efficient? To help meet the growing need for fresh pre-cut produce to create more efficient kitchens and “think outside of the produce box”, GoFresh now provides ready-to-use fruits and vegetables through our sister company Lloyd’s Cuts. If you are on the fence about whether or not fresh pre-cut produce is right for your business, there are many surprising reasons that you may not be thinking of to make the transition.


Perhaps one of the most important hidden benefits of using fresh pre-cut produce is the ability to save money. Cutting your own produce can lead to expensive labor costs and take time away from other vital processes that may need attention. Furthermore, the organic waste that comes from cutting your own fruit and vegetables requires added costs for proper sanitation and waste disposal that can quickly eat into your bottom line. By investing in fresh pre-cut fruits and vegetables you can limit the organic waste that is coming out of your kitchen while making the most of your labor budget.


For example, if you were to order 15 lbs. of whole, un-cut pineapple, 5 lbs. of that pineapple would be lost after processing and will typically become organic waste that must be thrown out. However, you are still paying the weighted price of 15 lbs. When purchasing fresh pre-cut pineapple you are able to not only eliminate the organic waste produced in your kitchen but you can also save money on labor costs in the process. While this is just one example, the savings are the same among each fresh pre-cut produce order you may require.


In the foodservice industry, consistency among both your ingredients and the dishes they are used in is essential for continued success. Unfortunately, no two chefs will perform the same cut each and every time, leading to a variation that can leave your guests confused. When you partner with GoFresh for your fresh pre-cut produce, you have the ability to establish consistency at an ingredient level with each dish. This attention to detail provides an experience that your customers will appreciate and grow to expect during future visits.


GoFresh is committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables available. By utilizing cold-chain processes and providing date indications for successful rotation, you can rest easy knowing we have your safety in mind. Stop looking for a reliable foodservice distribution company to fulfill your fresh produce needs. GoFresh is here to help. If you are ready to get started, contact us or call us at (800) 725-1151 today!

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